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Your Brain
Needs Love Too

How would you know if your brain is not functioning at its best?

If you are feeling off and not maximizing your potential, ask yourself what stands in the way of you being or achieving what you would like in your life. It’s possible your brain could use some hurdle help.

We offer two incredibly powerful therapy tools to help you get the most out of your brain function and to get over those hurdles. 

Brain Training
With Neuroptimal®

Have you experienced times when you have felt “on target”, maybe even invincible, untouchable, where you are mentally in your “A game”? Or where you have felt clear, poised, “in the now”? Or maybe warm, safe, connected and loving?


During these moments your brain is organized, your CNS is flexible and resilient to whatever challenges it faces, and you’re reaping the benefits in the moment. Using NeurOptimal® is like having a “defrag” of your hard drive, it’s suddenly easier to get out of your own way and access your “A game”. Roadblocks can fall away and life can just seem easier, more in flow.

No matter where you are starting from, every brain has a potential best, its own level of optimal flow and function. It doesn’t matter if you are a peak performing athlete or performer, or if you are struggling with relationships or your studies in school, or whatever your situation — given the right information about itself, every brain can reveal its best.

What Happens During
Your Session? 

During a NeurOptimal® session you will wear ear clips and two small sensors on the sides of your head. These pick up the delicate electrical activity of your brain. You relax and close your eyes and listen to music or watch a movie. NeurOptimal® processes your brain signals very rapidly and when it detects them moving into an “instability”, the music or movie pauses very briefly. That’s it. That’s all that happens.  This is the “feedback”.

Consciously of course, this has no meaning for us — in fact we may not even notice them. But unconsciously our brain understands the mathematics behind the timing of the pauses, which act a bit like a “rumble strip”. The brain adjusts its activity without any effort from you (you can be completely zoned out if you want), to stay “within” the rumble strip. The brain does this on its own — NeurOptimal® doesn’t tell it to. Imagine you are walking along a path on a cliff side, in the dark. You’d probably be floundering. But then a flashlight is shone showing the cliff edge. The flashlight doesn’t tell you what to do, but now you can use the extra information you have (the location of the cliff edge) to walk more certainly along your path. The brain learns from the information it is given until over time and without your conscious awareness or effort, it learns to organize itself more efficiently. And this manifests in your life by blocks dropping away and life just seems easier.

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NeurOptimal® & Focus

Brain training with NeurOptimal® can help you function more efficiently and at your very best in all aspects of your life: at home, at school, at work, in sports & athletics, and even at play! Many NeurOptimal® users report life changing results. Mentally clouded individuals, due to injury or life circumstances, tell us how after using NeurOptimal® they’ve rediscovered clarity to an extent they and their loved ones once believed unattainable.


Brain training with NeurOptimal® has helped improve the mental acuity of executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Brain training with NeurOptimal® has also helped improve the lives of students of all ages suffering from communication challenges as well as general difficulties focusing in the classroom. Many challenges stemming from lack of confidence and stress commonly fall away when the brain is trained and functioning properly.

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Train Your Mind
Not Just Your Body

Training your body builds physical endurance, stamina, resilience and muscle. Training your brain with Neuroptimal® can compliment those efforts by helping to improve mental acuity, by increasing focus, calm, and confidence, by promoting healthy sleep habits and so much more. Your body and mind become more in tandem, working together step by step. Learn more about how adding NeurOptimal® to your training regimen can help give you the edge you’re looking for.


Find your balance and find your harmony.

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