Refreshing Body & Facial Mist With Organic Ingredients


Aquaspirit is a refreshing body and face mist that uses aromatherapeutic nutrients to stimulate circulation and promote healthy, radiant skin. Formulated with organic, botanical-derived ingredients, Aquaspirit will soothe your skin and provide a revitalizing boost. Try it and see how vibrant you look and feel!

  • Moisturizes & Softens Skin

  • Great for a Refreshing Pick-Me-Up

  • Stimulates Circulation



What Is Aquaspirit?

Aquaspirit is an organic face and body spray that soothes and refreshes your skin. Made with natural botanical-derived ingredients, Aquaspirit hydrates and revitalizes your face and body. Its natural, aromatherapeutic qualities have a wonderful aroma that can help you feel calm and at peace. Use it every day to soothe, tone, and maintain your natural radiance. Every bottle contains four ounces and can last for several months depending on use.



Health Benefits of Aquaspirit

Aquaspirit is a refreshing blend of organic botanicals that will make you feel great physically and mentally.

  • Feel Fresh & Clean

As the day goes on, it’s easy to start feeling a little drab and blah. But that’s no fun and there’s no reason to endure it. A few spritzes of Aquaspirit will refresh and renew your spirits.

  • Elevate Your Aura

When you’re stimulated and revived, you feel great and more vivacious. The botanicals in Aquaspirit deliver natural essences that’ll make you a source of positive energy!

  • Great for All Skin Types

Regardless of your skin type — combination, dry, oily, sensitive — Aquaspirit works. Organic neroli oil and other all-natural ingredients won’t aggravate like many cosmetic products.



The Top 5 Reasons You Need Aquaspirit

  • Use It Anywhere

A few spritzes of Aquaspirit can make you feel great. Use it on your face, hands, anywhere!

  • Brighter Complexion

The rose water in Aquaspirit stimulates circulation and encourages a glowing complexion.

  • Incredible Moisturizer

Aquaspirit contains all-natural ingredients like rose extract to make your skin feel soft.

  • Total Tranquility

Aquaspirit contains aromatherapeutics like lavender and jasmine that bring on calm feelings.

  • Soothes Redness

Ingredients like jasmine oil have a natural, soothing effect on red, irritated skin.



Tips for Using Aquaspirit

Shake bottle well. Hold bottle 6 to 10 inches from skin and mist until damp, or spray onto a cotton ball and apply to skin in a circular motion. Mist lightly over your face and body after bathing. Allow to air dry. Spritz as desired to refresh your skin. Keep refrigerated to preserve the natural ingredients.


  • Start Your Day With Aquaspirit

For a good morning, have a few spritzes of Aquaspirit after your shower. Its refreshing scent will take your feeling of clean to a new level and help you start the day off right.

  • Take It With You On Vacation

If you’re going on vacation to a hot, humid, or dry environment, don’t forget to bring your Aquaspirit. It’s a traveler’s secret for staying cool and feeling fresh away from home.



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