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Other Services


Talk Therapy

The therapists at Evolution Empowerment Center use an approach that is direct, non-traditional and reality based. Many clients find such a technique to be refreshing, as it is solution-oriented and outcome-based. Our therapeutic philosophy is to provide our clients with the tools to be autonomous and self sufficient. Be prepared to take full accountability, because you are the co-creator of your own life. 


Life Coaching

Life coaching is distinctly different from therapy. In life coaching, it is a relationship between the client and the coach, in which a creative partnership is used to identify, clarify, and create a vision for what the client wants. Coaching works on three domains: physical well-being, emotional well-being and cognitive well-being. When clients meet with a life coach, together they identify specific goals in any one of the above mentioned areas, and a detailed plan of action is created to encourage and support the achievement of said goals. Our therapist recommend that our clients complete our emotional detox program to ensure that the subconscious mind is in congruence with the conscious goals set between the Life coach and the client. Life coaching can assist with:

  • Planning: Business, Career and Life

  • Eliminating Blocks and Fears 

  • Clearing Clutter 

  • Financial Security and Independence 

  • Balancing Business & Personal Life 

  • Making Key Decisions & Designing Strategies for Success

  • Communicating Powerfully and Succinctly 

  • Becoming a Problem-Free Zone 

  • Building Powerful Relationships

  • Breaking through the Glass Ceiling 

  • Getting Promoted 

  • Finding the Ideal Partner/Love/Relationship 

  • Getting out of a Rut 

  • Making an Important Life Decision 

  • Starting and Growing a Business 

  • Living an Ideal Life 

  • Identifying Core Values and Passions 

  • Fulfilling Personal and Emotional Needs

  • Getting Organized 

  • Making more Money

  • Having more time to Enjoy Life 


Keynote Speaking

Please email us at EvolutionHypno@mail.com or call 313-898-1999 for more information.